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I am here, my Pharaoh.
In Egypt too, the rain can come by surprise.
But fortunately for Atem, Seto was there.

I wanted to show the complicity between the Pharaoh and his cousin. (In my version, Seto is aware of everything and grew up in the palace with Atem. And as they were brought up together from birth, he sees him like his little brother and vice versa).
Rhea, daughter of Ouranos and Gaia, is the titaness of fertility as well as the wife of Cronus and the queen of the titans. She is also the mother of Hades, Hestia, Poseidon, Hera, Demeter and Zeus.

Rha lived a happy childhood alongside her brothers and sisters, especially with her younger brother, Cronus, for whom she felt a love more than fraternal.
When Cronus killed Ouranos and became the king of the gods, Rhea naturally became the queen, alongside Cronus. But Gaia, furious at being dispossessed of the power she coveted, cast a curse on her son: "Cronus, one day your children who are not yet born will turn against you, and as you killed Ouranos, Your turn kill by your son! " Rhea then became very worried and decided to do everything possible to prevent this. But Cronus did not worry and told Rhea to live as if nothing had happened.
During their years of reign together, Cronos and Rhea gave birth to six children, three boys and three daughters. Rhea, despite his pitilessness, became affectionate for his children but worried about Cronus' reaction. Curiously, the king of the Titans showed no hatred or suspicion towards his children and raised them as any father would have done. "My beloved Rhea, know that I do not believe in fate, but only in free will, for every living creature is free to write its destiny: by killing my children or by denying them, I would have fled Fate, while loving and protecting them, I confront them, and when the time comes, they will have the choice between taking my life or sparing it, and if I have to die, I accept it. "
For several years, everything went well but she was still worried about the fate of her husband and children. Is right.
When Titanomachy began, unable to choose between her children and her beloved husband, Rhea decided to remain neutral. But Zeus, perverted by Gaia, saw this decision as a betrayal and in the defeat of the Titans, he decided to imprison her too in Tartarus.

Rhea is a goddess gentle and open-minded but she has a strong character.
As queen, she possesses a natural presence and displays an exemplary calm in all circumstances. She is, however, not afraid to give orders or to be self-employed if this proves necessary.
As a wife, she watches over her beloved and shows herself pitiless to all who show her fangs. She feels for him a most sincere love and refuses to do anything that might risk displeasing him.
As a mother, she shows herself soft and affectionate but can not help being worried about their lives. Indeed, in order to protect Cronos from the curse of Gaia, Rhea had decided to kill her children when they came into the world, but her maternal instinct prevented her and she decided to love them, hoping with all her heart that Gaia's curse will never come true.
Unnecessary hope.

PS: Like all titans, Rhea possesses a mark of titan linked to its powers. (The idea comes from Zeldacw, the markings are the same except they are colored and Cronos has one too).

What god do you want in the next release?
- Selene
- Erebe
- Leto
Answer with comments.
Elysee and Hecate
"You may not be my sister by blood, but you are in my heart."

The two goddesses were raised together since their birth, so they are as close as true sisters.
Zagreus x Hera
One of the most unexpected couples.
The first time in his life Hera looks another man than Zeus


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